Cloud server

Like VPS, cloud servers are provided virtually and are composed of freely selectable virtual resources. Features such as computing power, storage space or the size of the main memory can be adjusted by the user in real time. He has maximum flexibility to quickly Web hosting for fluctuating performance requirements himself in Canada. For example, load fluctuations in an online shop’s Christmas business can be flexibly absorbed.

The user does not have to oversize his server in order to react to changing traffic, but simply adjusts the performance of the web hosts . The service booked is billed based on usage. Various providers bill for the computing power, storage space or RAM used every minute or hour. Unused power does not incur any costs. Cloud servers are ideally suited for Internet projects where the requirements are subject to strong fluctuations or which should grow dynamically.

System resources such as main memory, computing power and storage space can be flexibly adapted during operation

  • no oversizing of the server necessary
  • usage-dependent billing of the booked services
  • easy interception of load peaks possible
  • the hardware web hosts  must be shared with other customers
  • the performance of the cloud servers can fluctuate
  • the installation and management of software has to be done in part by yourself