IC Markets

International Capital Markets is an Australian online trading , going back as far as to the end of 2007. The company’s founders previously worked in FX trading for a long time. IC Markets is headquartered in Sydney. In addition to its FX trading section, IC Markets also provides access to trading in stocks, indices as well as futures and commodities.


STP/ECN Broker

Financial market supervision

4x trading is supervised by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission¬†(ASIC), Australia’s independent supervising authority.

Protection of deposits

Neither IC Markets nor ASIC provide any information regarding the protection of deposits.

Segregation of clients’ funds

As a financial company regulated by ASIC, IC Markets is obliged to keep clients’ funds on separate accounts, thus ensuring that creditors do not have access to client’s deposits in case of bankruptcy. Partial amounts used as a margin at the time of the bankruptcy are not subject to this regulation.

Customer support

Customer support is available in English only. Enquiries are answered swiftly, bearing in mind the different time zone.

Account opening

For the opening of an account, International online trading platforms  requires a proof of identity (personal ID or passport), a proof of address (account or credit card statement, utility bill) and a proof of an existing banking account for any pay-outs. Documents can be scanned in and uploaded when opening the account. The account opening will be completed within a few hours depending on the time zone.

Deposits on a customer account are available by bank transfer (2-3 business days) or by credit card (online, within a few hours). Pay-outs are allowed by bank transfer to the customer’s account only; pay-outs to third parties are not permitted.

Liquidity provider

International Capital Markets has a number of liquidity providers available, among them Integral, hotspot and Lucid. Individual agreements will also ensure that trading online is possible at the quoted prices at any time. With that said, IC Markets may well possess one of the biggest liquidity pools in the retail market.